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With the word socialist being bandied about by the right there has been a new found interest in the term and ideas behind socialism. This newspaper article covers this phenomena as well as highlighting the DSA here in Indiana.


February Central Indiana Socialist Newsletter

Central Indiana Socialist Newsletter

Socialist Party USA (SP-USA) and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

February 2010 

Both Socialist groups will meet this Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 2:00 P.M.  at North Meadow Circle of Friends (1710 North Talbott Street, Indianapolis).  An agenda of the meeting and Synopsis of the last appear later in this issue.  Hope you can come.  Feel free to invite all Socialists


Last DSA/SP-USA Meeting in Brief

January 17, 2010

    Allison Luthe, Central Indiana Jobs with Justice (JwJ) Community Organizer offered to speak at future meeting; will follow up. ● Another possible guest speaker is John Williams. ● Brief synopsis of last meeting in future newsletters. ● Announcement of JwJ rally and planning session. ● SP-USA voted to make donation to JwJ. ● Matt Greenwood of United Senior Action talked about their current actions and legislative agenda. ● George Fish’s Essay on Socialism was voted on and approved.   To be included in Indiana Socialist Fellowship (ISF) packet. Other people asked to submit materials.  Information packet to be discussed at next meeting. ● Discussed procedural rules for voting on ISF matters. ● Newsletters for upcoming meetings will be done by Chairs: Marvin Williams (DSA, Jan.-June; Rebecca Bow (SP-USA, July-Dec.). ● Voted to form committee to explore educational enterprises.  Ron Haldeman, Timothy Platt, and George Fish to look into this matter. ● Legal status and incorporation of Greater Indianapolis SP-USA and possible conflict with National and funding discussed. ● Discussed taking dues money to pay for ISF refreshments and out-of-pocket expenses discussed and tabled; to be taken up later. ● Discussed whether, instead of running candidate from SP-USA, SP-USA and DSA find issues both can work on and have Socialist tag.


Tentative Agenda

SP-USA/DSA Local Meeting

February 21, 2010

2:00 P.M.

North Meadow Circle of Friends

I.  Socialist Party USA

     A  Secretary’s Report

     B  Treasurer’s Report

     C  Jobs with Justice donation

II. Democratic Socialists of America

     A  Treasurer’s Report

     B  Jobs with Justice

     C  Justice for Janitors

III. Indiana Socialist Fellowship

     A  Motion to declare Persona non grata 

     B  Invitations to future guest speakers 



Democratic Socialists of America

National: 75 Maiden Lane, Suite 505, New York, NY  10038  (212) 727-8610

Socialist Party USA

National: 339 Lafayette St., #308, New York, NY  10012